The Blessings Of Redemption (Chapter 1)

Jun 26, 2023    David Klingler

What if we told you that hidden within the letter of Ephesians lies profound truths that can deepen your understanding of Paul's relationship to the Old Testament and the concept of the heavens? Join us, Dr. David Klingler and your host, as we journey through this powerful letter, exploring how verses 3-14 are rich with complex subordinate clauses that provide new insights into the heavenly places, Christ's totality, and the role of the Church in God's plan.

In this episode, we discuss the significance of Christ's totality in the summing up of all people and how the Church, comprising of Jews and Gentiles, serves to highlight God's glory. We'll also delve into the themes of grace, peace, and the importance of understanding the "us" and "you" groups in Paul's writing. So, buckle up for an enlightening episode filled with revelations you won't want to miss! And don't forget to download our app and study guides for continued growth in your understanding of God's Word.